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Bulgari Studio: Redefining Creativity in the Heart of Seoul

Updated: May 30

In the dynamic landscape of Seoul, South Korea, Bulgari Studio emerges as a beacon of creativity and innovation. Located in the vibrant Théâtre des Lumières, this latest venture by Bulgari promises to push the boundaries of fashion, design, and global culture.

As a testament to its commitment to inclusivity, Bulgari invites the public to experience a special installation featuring the B.zero1 ring in collaboration with Anyma. This interdisciplinary piece, on display from March 13 to 31, 2024, serves as a symbol of endless inspiration and possibility.

At the heart of Bulgari Studio are the iconic B.zero1 ring, Bulgari Roma bag, and Bulgari Bulgari watches, which embody the Maison's pioneering spirit and forward-thinking attitude. Through a collaborative platform, Bulgari Studio aims to foster creativity and innovation, exemplified by its partnership with artist Antoni Tudisco for a groundbreaking digital campaign.

In Bulgari Studio, there are no limits to creativity. As the brand continues to redefine luxury and design, Bulgari Studio stands as a testament to the power of artistic exploration and collaboration in shaping the future of fashion and culture.

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